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In The Abaconian Newspaper by Jennifer Hudson

Fan Mail Comments

“Your images are so vivid , so strong—it’s as if you are painting a picture for the reader. If I had never been to Hope Town, I would immediately know not just what it looked like, but also what it sounded like, smelled like, felt like. You have put your reader smack dab in the middle of 1950s Hope Town and you have done it with originality and a freshness to your imagery that brings the whole scene vibrantly alive.” CMW, Boston, MA

"Dave Gale establishes himself firmly as a gifted "raconteur", in this, his second book. He takes the reader back to an almost forgotten part of the last century, when The Bahamas, and specifically Abaco, were really being discovered by tourists. In his easy to read style he provides a most interesting look at a totally different world; a most enjoyable and "must read" for anyone interested in The Bahamas; be they repeat visitors from Europe like ourselves when we came to Abaco and met Dave Gale in 1994, or newcomers form other parts of the world." Jan and Anja Kamps. Middelharnis, The Netherlands

“Dave writes with an in depth knowledge of his subjects and a style which is both picturesque and humorous.” John Arndt, Editor – Latitude 38

"… It is 3 am on a school night and I have just finished your wonderful book - I am absolutely bleary-eyed but thrilled to have read your masterpiece which was given to me by my daughter. The way I see it, you owe me a nights sleep. It would be difficult for me to say which chapter was my favorite because I enjoyed all of them.…" MS, Vero Beach, FL."

"Dave, you've written a love story. It's just great. It's a love story about you and Phoebe. Your love of the Bahamas and Bahamians. And most of all, it's about your love of living." BH, Coconut Grove, FL

"Many thanks for your great book. Suzette can hardly put it down - My turn next." O.S., Dallas, TX

"….Ready About is, by far, the most complete account of living in the Bahamas I've read. With the book's special chapters devoted to Bahamian wild-life I would recommend it as a reference piece for all who have a personal interest in the islands." HK, Delray Beach

"Jim and I are writing to express our pleasure in discovering your recently published book, Ready About, and to congratulate you on enlightening us about the many topics, both humorous and educational that previously we knew nothing about." S&J M, Ottawa, Can.

"Congratulations on a great job - Ready About is attractive, fun, and certainly unique! It made us want to take the next plane south to Parrot Cay.." CK, Bethlehem, PA