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Pseudo-aquatics live at the edge of, in and out of, but not actually in the water. That defines Dave and Phoebe who bought the uninhabited five-acre Parrot Cay, near Hope Town, from the Queen of England, forty-five years ago. After a rough start in the hotel business they created Island Marine, renting small boats and cottages, and diving.

Dave writes about their Abaco life (he says he can't walk from the bedroom to the kitchen without something weird, wacky, or wonderful happening) and a few stories from New York where they married in 1953, a year before moving to the Bahamas.

Bahamian citizens by choice, they are always involved in community work, Dave having founded the Abaco division of Bahamas Air-Sea Rescue Association, and more recently, the Bahamas Lighthouse Preservation Society in order to save from automation the last three hand-wound, kerosene-fueled lighthouses in the world.

His entertaining and informative narratives have been published in Skin Diver, Sail, Southern Boating, Keepers Log, Sea History, Abaco Life, and others.

His short and thought-provoking God and the San Francisco Cable Cars won him an Honorable Mention in the Writer's Digest 1999 Writing Competition in the Inspirational category.

Dave Gale
Parrot Cay
Hope Town
Abaco, Bahamas (Yep, that's it. No box number, no zip code)
Phone: (242) 366-0285